PARSONS, NY: Course on Fashion Industry Essentials – Animated Ad for Facebook

Parsons Art and Design School in New York has launched an online course on Fashion Industry Essentials. They needed to promote this course on Facebook and Instagram, so I created a series of ads for them.

I followed their brand guidelines in matters of fonts, colors, negative space, etc to create this carousel ad.

One challenge was to feature 3 logos in a single ad: The New School – Parsons, Teen Vogue and Yellowbrick. I used the main Parsons logo on top, highlighting it with the black shape on background.

Parsons ad
Carousel ad for Parsons

Then I created this stand-alone animated ad with 1:1 aspect ratio. I was inspired by the blockiness of their main campus building and I added the glitch effect to induce a sense of scarcity about the course: you-blink-you-miss-it attitude.

My wife, who is a fashion designer herself, was the first convert from this ad, enrolling to the course. She appreciates having to improve her social presence as part of her course homework.

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